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2003 Fender Splatter Caster Strat

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2003 MIM Fender Splatter Strat Stratocaster in blue, with deluxe gig bag.  If you’re looking at this guitar, you know exactly what it is!!!Look at the rosewood  figuring in the fingerboard on this guitar.On the back of the upper horn of the body, near the strap button, is ding not to bad (See Picture) other wise its in good condition for a 14 year old guitar(In my opinion, See pictures form your own opinion as Everyone’s varies) No whammy bar included but if you wanted one they are fairly inexpensive and easy to get.

When these guitars were painted, the body, pickguard and back plate were all numbered so that the guitars could be properly reassembled.  Please note that all of the numbers match on this guitar.

It is said only about 3000 of these were made for Namm in 2003