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1983 Fender Elite II Precision Bass

Availability: In Stock $1650.00


1983 Fender Precision Elite II Bass near mint condition finished in a beautiful Pewter color. Alder body with a Maple neck with a rosewood finger-board.The Elite II was the first to offer twice the sonic output of a normal P-Bass. But the Elite II was a bit more complicated…The Elite II’s second pickup (also a split model) is located by the bridge. The controls include two volume knobs, a tone knob, and two three-way mini-toggle switches; one a pickup selector, the other a “tone assign” switch.100 % original and comes in the original case


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2012 Fender Stratocaster N.O.S.

Availability: In Stock-$ 1175.00


This is an unplayed collectors grade ultra rare shell pink lipstick pick=up american standard stratocaster. Only 100 made of this color in a limited run. Plastic is on all pickups, pickguard and back plate. Known as “The Surf caster” Do not miss this rare piece,Comes with all original case candy & original Fender Gig Bag

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1983 Fender “Smith Era” 2 Knob stratocaster

Availability: In Stock-$925.00


An all original two-knob 1983 Fender Stratocaster, one of the last ones made in the Fullerton, California plant.
This guitar has the traditional sunburst finish with a less common maple neck that has nice figuring in the grain. Most 1983 Fullerton Stratocasters have a rosewood fingerboard.
Included is the original whammy bar and hard shell case.

Below from web reasearch:

As many guitar aficionados know, the early 80s were a transitional time for Fender. Coming out of the CBS era, there was a new spirit of innovation as well as a back to basics attitude. Fender went from the big headstock, bullet truss rod guitars into the sleeker “Smith” Strats of the early 80s. A few years in the future was the modern American Standard. In between the Smith Strat and the modern American Standards came the 1983 revised Standard Strats. These came with a pickguard mounted jack and trem springs under the guard. The body is alder for great tone. The 25.5 inch scale maple neck features a maple fingerboard with 21 frets. American Standard tuners and the Freeflyte Trem (Including arm) 

Much has been written about this era stratocaster. Without going into volumes about the Dan Smith Era instruments, the basics are that Dan Smith was hired from Yamaha to handle marketing and improve quality. The radical plan began by reducing the number of guitars produced at the Fullerton plant from 250-300 per day — to a ‘handful’. As Dan Smith says, they “basically shut the plant down” in order to improve the quality. The Dan Smith and Dan Smith era strats break down into what has been referred to as Version I and Version II.

Version I returned to the 4-bolt neck plate, small peghead, and large logo.

Version II was 4-bolt neck plate, small peghead, large logo, 1-volume control and 1-tone control, (2-knobs instead of 3), the top loaded “Free Flyte” tremolo system, and a pickguard mounted input jack. In fact the “Version II” was made in the same factory, with the same tooling and machinery, by the same people, during the same era, and under the supervision of Dan Smith. It should be noted that Fender did not force this design on Dan Smith against his will. As director of Marketing at that time Dan himself was directly responsible for the changes and the guitar was indeed his brain child. We would contend that any guitar that fits the above criteria can rightfully be called a “Dan Smith Era” guitar. Do not forget, any reference to Dan Smith is unofficial, just a “street name” for these guitars as Fender never endorsed that moniker.

These strats are notable for being the very first incarnation of today’s USA Standard Stratocaster and a concerted effort by Fender to improve upon the quality of the late CBS era strats. Well balanced, resonant and keeping with the spirit of the strats from Fenders golden era, this guitar has great spank and twang, with the clear bell-like top end and tight bass response that makes the tone iconic.

Weighing in at 7.8lbs, with a 25.5″ scale length, a 1 11/16″ nut width, profile at the first fret is .80″ and at the twelfth is .85″ and the fingerboard utilizes a 10″ radius.

Own this significant piece of stratocaster evolution, this is a beautiful playing, sweet sounding guitar that is both very playable and very collectable!


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Two 2004 Fender Tie Die Stratocasters

Availability: In Stock- $ 975.00 (for the pair)


Two Limited Edition 2004 Fender Tie Dye Stratocasters. These guitars were only made in 2004/2005 & were available in only 2 colors “Band of Gypsies & Hippie Blue” this is a package deal for both! The 1st one pictured  is the “Band of Gypsies” .  Single coil pick-up in the neck position & a Humbucker in the bridge. All black hard-wear and original whammy bar included. Comes in a Fender Gig Bag.

The 2nd is the “Hippie Blue”& this one has pro upgrades.Electronics (Seymour Duncan in the neck and a Dimarzio in the bridge. Also an added switch for a cut off switch (on,off) , and Volume and Tone both are push/pull to split the pickups. ALSO has upgraded Locking Thumbwheel tuners, along with the Rollers Trusses and also comes in a Fender Gig Bag

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2006 Fender “Big Block” Telecaster

Availability : In Stock $725.00


Rare 2006 Fender Big Block Telecaster Deluxe, Black & Chrome, No major dings or dents. No fret wear. Typical strum marks on chrome pick guard, light swirl marks from cleaning. Very light scratch under F logo on head stock. Alder Body is decked out in nice black paint & the Wood grain visible through paint front and back in bright light. Three Vintage style Telecaster Pick-ups,5 way pick-up selector,master volume & tone allow a ton of sound variations.  Six Saddle bridge,and ALL Chrome hard-wear including pick-guard,knobs,switch tip bridge & tuners.No modifications & Electronics all good. Includes Fender padded gig bag.

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2003 Fender Splatter Caster Strat

Availability : In Stock $599.99


2003 MIM Fender Splatter Strat Stratocaster in blue, with deluxe gig bag.  If you’re looking at this guitar, you know exactly what it is!!!Look at the rosewood  figuring in the fingerboard on this guitar.On the back of the upper horn of the body, near the strap button, is ding not to bad (See Picture) other wise its in good condition for a 14 year old guitar(In my opinion, See pictures form your own opinion as Everyone’s varies) No whammy bar included but if you wanted one they are fairly inexpensive and easy to get.

When these guitars were painted, the body, pickguard and back plate were all numbered so that the guitars could be properly reassembled.  Please note that all of the numbers match on this guitar.

It is said only about 3000 of these were made for Namm in 2003

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1984 Fender Prince Tribute Stratocaster

Availability: In Stock $1500.00


This guitar started out as a 1984 Made in Japan FENDER STRATOCASTER . It is a ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM HAND SCULPTED BODY AND HEADSTOCK Paying Homage to PRINCE ” PURPLE RAIN ” 1958 – 2016 / ENGRAVED MAPLE AND ROSEWOOD NECK – THIN C CONTOUR – 22 MED JUMBO FRETS HH ALNICO PICKUPS WITH 3 WAY SWITCHING / KAHLER USA BRIDGE WITH ROLLER SADDLES CUSTOMIZED IN THE USA. Also included is a custom hard-shell case with a custom Prince Purple Rain Stratocaster logo


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1980s Roland G-77 & GR77B

Availability: In Stock $1250.00


Vintage 1980s Roland G-77 Bass Guitar & GR77B Synthesizer.Finished in a nice Pearl white.100% Original complete with the hard to find 24 pin connector.Bass has some nicks & dings & has been played but not abused & comes in a Gig Bag. GR 77 Synth has Plastic side covers missing but comes in a Heavy Duty Calzone Road Case

gr2whlfrt gr2frt gr2-rear g77b

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All Lucite Fender Style Stratocaster

Availability: In stock- E-Mail for Price


This is a one of a kind Lucite Fender Stratocaster style custom build.Lucite body,neck & head-stock,& pic-guard.It is Loaded with Seymour Duncan Hot-Rails with coil taps.Assembly expertly done by Jim Landry at Noll Guitars . Its a beast weighing in at a whopping 13 pounds. This is a custom re-creation of an all lucite Strat that was built In 1957.

In 1957, Carson was involved in a top-secret Fender® project to build a completely see-through Stratocaster®. Commissioned by the then-head of sales, Don Randall, the purpose was twofold: On the one hand, the finished article was to be taken on tour around schools and museums in the United States, to educate the nation’s children on the inner workings of Leo Fender’s revolutionary Stratocaster® guitar. On the other hand, a fully transparent guitar would be the first of its kind, and would illustrate to the public, just how innovative and amazing the Stratocaster® was, with its flexible truss rod and state-of-the-art electronics.

The process of building the see-through Strat® was a daunting one, and the factory engineers’ first task was to find a substance transparent enough to enable the instrument’s inner workings to be seen clearly. The solution was found at the DuPont Corporation, who, as well as being the nation’s foremost manufacturer of automobile paint, also supplied the custom paints for Fender® guitars.

Comes in a G&G Tweed hard-case

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2002 Fender Rocky Stratocaster



Availability: In stock- $899.00


2002 USA Fender Stratocaster . A Really well done, painstakingly true to George Harrison’s famous psychedelic “Rocky” Stratocaster paint job. The Finish was sanded to natural bare wood on the neck. Includes non original vintage style hardshell case. A Minnesota artist whos name is Robbie Burger did the paint.

When The Beatles were in the studio recording “Help!”, John Lennon and George Harrison sent roadie Mal Evans out to go get a couple of Fender Stratocasters. Evans came back with matching 1962 Sonic Blue Strats

In early April of 1967, just after finishing the recording of The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, George Harrison took his 1962 Sonic Blue Fender Startocaster home and transformed it into “Rocky.” Using Dayglo enamel paint and as well as some of his ex-wife Patti Boyd’s nail polish.

A Beatles fan must have